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Construction Permits
Municipal Code: Chapter 7
A Building Permit is required for all new construction, alterations and additions. A permit is required when repairs or additions are made that affect the plumbing service, mechanical system, electrical system, structural portions of the building, or change any means of egress. The city has adopted the 2000 edition of the ICC Code Group.

Applications for permits are accepted from contractors licensed by the State of Delaware and registered to do work in the City of Newark. The fees for contractor registration and for permits are governed by City Ordinance. A permit may also be obtained by any individual who wishes to do work on his own property in which he resides. Application forms are available in the Building Department.

Application Process
To obtain a permit, the following documents must be submitted to the Building Department:
  • Completed application.
  • Two complete sets of construction plans. These usually include architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical drawings.
  • Seven plot plans of the property signed by a registered land surveyor.
  • Floodplain data, if applicable.
  • State Highway permit status, if applicable.
  • Landowner's authorization if you are building on land other than your own.

Upon receiving these completed documents, Building and other departments will review your application and plans. Comments and corrections, if needed, will be added to both copies of the construction plans. One copy will be retained by the Department, and one copy returned to you. Your copy of the construction plans must be available at the work site.

Construction may commence only after the plans and application have been reviewed and approved, and you receive from the Department the following:
  • Construction Permit.
  • Outdoor display record card to be affixed to the street side of the structure.
  • Outdoor Inspection Record (waterproof) to be maintained at the construction site and filled in by the Building Inspector as the job progresses.

Note: Inspections are required at each stage of construction.