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Board of Building Appeals
Municipal Code: Chapter 7
The Board of Building Appeals' function is to decide upon appeals of the International Building and Property Maintenance Codes as well as orders from the Health Department.

Board Authority

It will decide upon appeals from a decision of the Building Director refusing to grant a modification to the provisions of the ICC Building Code concerning the materials used and the manner of construction or renovations.

It will hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is an error in interpretation or decision made by the building inspector or Health Commissioner in the enforcement of Chapter 17, Housing.

It can authorize variances from the strict terms of Chapter 7, Building Code and/or Chapter 17, Housing when, because of special conditions, undue hardship shall result from literal enforcement provided such variances in substantial conformity with the intend of these codes.

Board Meetings
The Board meets upon notice of the chairperson within ten days of the filing of an appeal.

For further information, please contact the Building Department at (302) 366-7075.