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Municipal Code: Chapter 27
Subdivision occurs when any land, residential and non-residential, is divided into two or more lots, either by deed of sale, lease, or simple boundary adjustment. Such changes must be approved according to the provisions outlined in the Subdivision and Development Regulations of the City of Newark.

Subdivision approval also is required when a single lot multi-family structure or condominium is proposed, or when a commercial or industrial property containing more than two businesses on a single lot is developed. All new storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water main construction must also be approved in accordance with the Subdivision Regulations.

Regulation Compliance
Applicants for subdivision approval should familiarize themselves with the regulations found in Chapter 27 of the Municipal Code, found here. Those seeking paper copies may purchase them via the City Secretary’s office. These regulations are a comprehensive description of the requirements and procedures pertaining to division and development of land in the city limits.

The regulations include design standards for roads, parking lots, drainage and sanitary sewers, and address erosion and sediment control, water service, and community assets. Flow charts at the back of the Regulations provide an overall perspective of the review and approval process. Application forms are available in the Planning Department.


All subdivision of land within the city is classified into three types: administrative, minor, and major. These categories are defined as follows:
  • Administrative Subdivisions: The adjustment of property lines or straightening of boundaries which does not create additional building lots. See Subdivisions Regulations Section 27-19 for a detailed description of submission requirements and process.
  • Minor Subdivision: The division of land into 5 or less residential lots upon which building can occur involving no new streets; or the adjustment of property lines to permit expansion of an existing structure; or the division of a parcel of land for commercial or industrial uses where no new streets or other improvements are involved. See the Subdivision Regulations Section 27-20 for a detailed description of submission requirements and review process.
  • Major Subdivision: The division of parcels of land into 6 or more lots upon which building can occur; or divisions which create new streets regardless of the number of lots; or multi-family developments of 6 or more families regardless of the number of lots; or commercial, business, or industrial developments regardless of the number of lots where new streets or other public improvements are created. See the Subdivision Regulations Section 27-21 for a detailed description of the submission requirements and review process.

Fees for subdivision applications are governed by City Ordinance.

Additional Information
For more information, please contact the Planning Department at 302-366-7000.