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Water Service
Municipal Code: Chapter 30
City water service is provided to properties within the city limits and in certain areas outside the city. Before any property is connected to a city water main, the owner of the property must apply for a building permit and the Water and Waste Water Department for connection details. Water connection charges are as follows:

Water Main Construction Assessment
A water main fee shall be assessed for each lot for the installation of a new water main by the city or city contractor to which a connection from the lot may be made. The fee amount is governed by City Ordinance.

Water Lateral Installation
The Water Lateral may be installed by a private contractor (plus $100 City inspection fee for in-city and $200 city inspection fee for outside the city).

For approved subdivisions, the subdivision developer installs the water distribution system in conformance with City Subdivision and Development Regulations, Standard Specifications, and the city-adopted BOCA Building Code.

House laterals running from the property line to the building are inspected by the Building Department and the remainder of the system is inspected by the Water and Waste Water Department.

Water Meters
Water meters are installed by the city. The developer / homeowner is responsible for the cost of the meter and yoke. Application for utility meter installation can be made at the City Utility Billing Office. Meter yokes are installed by the developer.

For more information, please contact the Water and Waste Water Department at 302-366-7055.