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Medal of Valor
The Medal of Valor is the highest award the department issues. It is awarded to recognize heroic acts involving extreme personal risk. The Medal of Valor is only awarded in instances when an employee has clearly taken action above and beyond the call of duty.

Nowinski Award
Granted for meritorious service and is given to employees to recognize any of the following acts:
  • Apprehending suspects
  • Demonstrating devotion to duty to succeed in a highly unusual police task.
  • Demonstrating initiative, expertise, and self-sacrifice over and above that called for in solving crimes.
  • Improving the operation of the department.
  • Saving the life of another when such action is directly related to the resourcefulness and effort of the employee.

Citation for Bravery
This award is conferred for acts of bravery above and beyond the call of duty, which are of a lesser degree than those required for the Medal of Valor.

Citations for Merit
This award shall be given for actions of meritorious service which are of a lesser degree than that which is required for the Nowinski Award, i.e., affecting the arrest of a notorious or repeat offender, or demonstrating outstanding professionalism. A Citation for Merit is also appropriate when an employee has made a significant contribution to the Department through activities not directly related to law enforcement.

Actions Awarded
  • Affecting the arrest of a notorious or repeat offender.
  • Demonstrating outstanding professionalism.
  • Saving a life.

Purple Heart
This award is conferred when an officer, in the line of duty and through no fault of his own, sustains an injury, which due to its extent or circumstances, merits recognition.

Life Saving Award
This award is conferred to an officer for a life saving act (i.e. CPR, defibrillator) which does not rise to the level of a Nowinski award.

Unit Citation
This award is conferred to Patrol Platoons, Units, or Divisions in recognition of exemplary team work in the completion of a departmental goal or in the response to a serious crime substantially leading to the apprehension of those responsible.

DUI Enforcement Ribbon
This award is conferred on a yearly basis to the top three officers in DUI enforcement to recognize their outstanding efforts in reducing impaired driving.

Chief’s Citation
This award is granted at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

Letters of Commendation and Appreciation - From the Chief of Police
Letters shall be sent to individuals whose actions merit a formal display of recognition or appreciation, but which are of a lesser degree than required for a Citation for Merit.