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Home Security Tips
General Tips to Ensure a Secure Residence
  • Check references. Reputable cleaning and home improvement companies should be happy to provide you with references.
  • Close garage doors. Whether home or away. Opened and empty usually indicates an empty home and allows burglars easy access to interior doors while being unseen from the street.
  • Don't give information to strangers on the telephone.
  • Don't hide keys. If you can hide them a burglar can find them. If you want an extra key nearby, leave one with a trusted neighbor.
  • Don't leave house and car keys together. Attendants at public parking lots can quickly duplicate your keys and obtain your address from vehicle registration.
  • Don't let strangers into your home. Use a peephole and ask for identification. People on legitimate business will be glad to show identification.
  • Have effective window locks. Drilling through the top of the bottom window sash and the bottom of the top sash and inserting a small nail into the hole can make a safe and unobtrusive lock.
  • Have good, safe locks. Use auxiliary deadbolts on all exterior locks. Lock the doors behind you.
  • Install an alarm system. Post doors and windows that the residence is alarmed.
  • Install new locks when moving into new residence. You never know who might have keys to your door.
  • Inventory your possessions. Keep lists of serial numbers. Take color photos of items without serial numbers such as jewelry and artwork.
  • Put things away. Don't leave articles on sidewalks, lawn or porch in areas easily accessible to the general public.
  • Report broken streetlights. Well-lit areas discourage burglars by taking away their hiding places.
  • Report suspicious persons. Strangers loitering in your neighborhood or people asking strange or vague questions about your neighbors and their whereabouts should be reported.
  • Store ladders inside. Ladders are an invitation to burglars and can offer quick easy access to unsecured second floor windows.
  • Trim shrubbery from doors and windows to eliminate possible areas of concealment.
  • Use lights effectively. Light is one of the best deterrents to crime. Use it to your advantage. Leave several lights on in different parts of the house when you go out. Outside entrance lights and post lights should be used to illuminate possible hiding places around the exterior of your house.
  • Vary your routine. The same routine may allow a would-be burglar to watch and learn your movements and know when your house is likely to be empty.
  • When working in an attic, cellar or any place away from the main area of the house - Lock Up.
  • While on vacation have lawn mowed, stop deliveries, leave lights on clock timers, and arrange for a trusted neighbor to inspect residence.