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Known Sex Offenders in Newark
Sex Offenders
The following is a list of Tier II and Tier III sex offenders that are known to reside, work or attend school within the incorporated city limits of Newark. Click on the offender’s last name to view more detailed information.


Risk Assessment Tiers The Risk Assessment Tiers are defined under 11 Del Code § 4121(e). The Tiers are generally referred to as follows:
  • Tier III (High Risk)
  • Tier II (Moderate Risk)
  • Tier I (Low Risk)

Updated: October 21, 2016

Last Name

First Name




Afeworki Teame South College Avenue Employer 3
Bowling Marcus College Square    Employer       2
Brandli Christopher Chickory Way    Residence       2
Bordley Charles Marcus Court Employer 3
Brenner Anthony S. Chapel St. Employer 2
Briscoe Anthony Janice Drive  Residence 2
Chambers Derek Marcus Court  Employer 2
Daughtry Kelvin S. College Ave    Employer 2
Earnshaw Alan Interchange Boulevard   Employer 2
Everts Gordon W. Chestnut Hill Road   Residence       2
Evick Garry Fountainview Cir Residence       2
Harland James Ethan Allen Court Residence       2
Harvell Kaleef E. Main Street Employer       2
Hengel Steven Elkton Road       Residence       2
Hickey Kenneth E. Main Street Residence 2
Hoyt Nicholas S. College Ave Employer 2
Just James Woodlawn Avenue Residence       2
Kelly James Madison Drive Residence       3
Lecompte Brandon Cleveland Avenue Employer       2
Macey Steven Sandy Drive Employer       2
Macpherson Randall Stafford Avenue Residence       3
Mayhew Derek Country Club Drive Residence       3
Methvin 3rd Robert Moss Court Residence 2
Nikulin Ilya 230 E Cleveland Employee       2
Philipson Allen East Cleveland Avenue Employer       2
Porter Mark East Cleveland Avenue Employer 2
Quirindongo Justin Madison Drive Residence 2
Setts Mitchell Madison Drive Residence 3
Shorts Jerry Sue Lane Residence 2
Torres Enrique East Cleveland Avenue Employer       2
Wiggins Liberty S. College Ave Residence 2
Woody Ralph Bellevue Rd Employer 3