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Streets Prone to Flooding
The following is a list of streets that have been prone to flooding in past storms:

  • Rahway Drive
  • West Chestnut Hill Road at creek
  • Paper Mill Road at creek
  • Creek Road
  • Old Paper Mill Road at creek
  • Curtis Lane
  • DelRem Drive at Rt. 273 intersection
  • Casho Mill Road underpass
  • Bellevue Road at Yorkshire Ditch
  • Welsh Tract Road at creek
  • Park Drive at creek
  • Brook Drive from creek
  • Barksdale Road opposite Handoff Park
  • Barksdale Road at creek    
  • Shull Drive between Devon Dr. & Chrysler Ave. and south of Cornwall Drive
  • Catch basin on east side of South College Avenue on the north side at the foot of the Amtrak bridge
  • Casho Mill Road at Produce Marketing
  • Timberline Drive at Timbercreek
  • Fall Brook Road
  • Arbour Drive
  • Swarthmore Drive