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Newark Education Support Initiative (NESI)

Working with partners in the community, City of Newark officials are proud to announce the beginning of an initiative to support local elementary and middle schools, Newark's Education Support Initiative (NESI). This program will maximize funding to each school through Box Tops for Education® by increasing awareness and engagement of this funding opportunity throughout the Newark community, as well as making it convenient for all residents to drop off their box tops.

Since 1996, the Box Tops for Education Program® has helped to fund schools by providing 10 cents per box top collected to participating public, charter, private, and parochial schools grades K-8. NESI will provide simple collection of box tops for redemption by all public, charter, private, and parochial schools serving the Newark area.

Jared Wasilefsky, Founder and Lead Coordinator of NESI, states "Right now money, explicitly meant to support education, is literally being thrown away. While Box Tops are found on over 250 products, most are destined for the dump and never reach local schools. Newark's schools are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars every year and as a community, this is something that we can, and need, to change. NESI provides a new collections system that maximizes collection and minimizes waste."

NESI works by mitigating barriers to maximization of funding through this program: simple ignorance of Box Top products, how simple it is to clip and collect them, and lack of knowledge among residents of inconvenient drop-off locations. NESI will raise awareness among all residents, by marketing to the community via newsletters, media outreach, and engaging local officials. NESI is expanding collection beyond parents with children in schools, helping to remind all residents, including the University of Delaware student population, of this simple way to help fund local schools. NESI will ensure that everyone who wants to participate has a means to donate their Box Tops, by working with Newark businesses to provide a variety of convenient locations for residents to donate their Box Tops, including grocery stores, restaurants and libraries, in addition to offering pre-labeled letters for a mail-in service.

"We are excited for NESI to open new doors to the engagement of our entire community in this simple way to help fund each of our schools," said Mayor Sierer, who hopes Newark's residents, with a long history of community focus and civic engagement, will all pitch in to make this program successful.

City Manager Carol Houck echoes Mayor Sierer's sentiment, "Individually, the clipping and drop off of Box Tops is a small effort. But, it's one that provides greater value in numbers. We're counting on our community to step up and embraces the opportunity to help our public schools."

Are you interested in helping with this initiative? NESI is seeking interns! Check out available positions, and apply if you're interested, HERE.