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Holiday Collection Schedule
The regular refuse collection and residential curbside recycling programs must be adjusted during the year for City holidays. The City has two residential refuse collection schedules and two residential curbside recycling schedules.

Special bulk collections are normally scheduled Monday through Thursday. The City also collects yard waste on Wednesday. If any week has a holiday, “Green Wednesday” yard waste will not be collected.

If a holiday falls on Monday, Monday’s refuse is collected on Tuesday and Tuesday’s refuse is collected on Wednesday. Similarly, if a holiday falls on a Friday, Thursday’s recycling will be collected on Wednesday and Friday’s collection will be collected on Thursday.

During holiday weeks, bulk collections may be limited. Residents needing bulk collection on holiday weeks should plan accordingly.

2017 Holiday Refuse/Recycling Collection Schedule

2017 Holiday & Date
Refuse Normally Collected On...
Will Be Collected On...
New Year's Day
Friday, January 1
Monday,  January 2
Tuesday, January 3
Thursday, December 31
Wednesday, December 30
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Monday, January 18
Monday, January 16
Tuesday, January 17
Tuesday, January 19
Wednesday, January 20
Presidents' Day
Monday, February 20
Monday, February 20
Tuesday, February 21
Tuesday, February 21
Wednesday, February 22
Good Friday
Friday, March 25
Friday, April 14
Thursday, April 13
Thursday, April 13
Wednesday, April 12
Memorial Day
Monday, May 30
Monday, May 29
Tuesday, May 30
Tuesday, May 30
Wednesday, May 31
Independence Day
Monday, July 4
Monday, July 3
Tuesday, July 4
No change to Monday’s Collection
Wednesday, July 5
Labor Day
Monday, September 5
Monday, September 4
Tuesday, September 5
Tuesday, September 5
Wednesday, September 6
Thanksgiving Day
Thursday, November 24
Thursday, November 23
Friday, November 24
Wednesday, November 22
No Changes to Friday's Collection
Christmas Day
Sunday, December 25
Monday, December 25
Tuesday, December 26
Tuesday, December 26
Wednesday, December 27

Additional Information
For further information, please call 302-366-7000.